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Taylor Swift On Csi

It seems that the star doesn t make it out alive, dying at the hands of a cruel murderess. L episode released in February in the United States. Do you think the CSI guys are guilty?. Here you have some photos from the shooting. The singer Taylor Swift acted in an episode CSI. We were surprised by his new style.
22.1.09 14:55

Street Fighter Iv Crimson Viper

If ve been wondering how you feel the newcomers or what kind of changes the series veterans have undergone, we ll know you. If you re Street Fighterfan hardcore and you not enthusiastic Street Fighter IV, is king or playing too much Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, or mad king. February and is one of the most anticipated titles of 2009. Not only bring the game fan favorites such as Ryu and Ken back into the ring, but the new fighters are on the road, in addition to making this a very palatable roster. Regardless, it is Street Fighter IV navigation on 17. With so many fighters to speak, we decided to go with their hands on each character on a daily basis, until the game release in February.
22.1.09 14:55

Style On Trial Gossip Girl Dinosaur Secrets Life On Mars

Inserted each side, you know glimpse into the secret world of Haute Couture (9), and the documentary Storyville Fashion Victim (11), which looks to Gianni Versace murder.. The focal point of another well-dressed night on BBC Four is a test of style: The 1970 (10), as the designers Terry De Havilland and Zandra Rhode justify their part in the Decade mode, while Wayne Hemingway, a teenager at the time, outlines how his sartorial surroundings influenced its design future.
22.1.09 14:55

Katie Holmes Tom Cruise Amp A Bunny On Quot Valkyrie Quot Red Carpet

The rabbit was anxious-locked to the plush red carpet, and zombie-looking Katie Holme managed to achieve with disciplinary measures for the safety of a second person who thinks that the danger in which they were putting their tasty brain. Dressed in a pink bunny meet with Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg inspiration eye-patch, some poor Schmuck was denied entry to Berlin before Valkyrie. Tom Cruise has examined his usual smiling self, waving to all his adoring fans as he continues his campaign to be better than real German in Germany, where he learned how to be a samurai better than the country of Japan in The Last Samurai.
22.1.09 14:54

Slumdog Rises To Top Of Box Office

Redemption film Seven Pound was new at two with Will Smith as a man with a secret trying to help seven strangers. Down to three was last week No.1, U.S. Comedy Role Models with Paul Rudd and Seann William Scott, as a couple of minor felons as mentors for young offenders..
22.1.09 14:54


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